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Hyderabad to be Green Carpet, KCR plants saplings at NIMS

Hyderabad to be Green Carpet, KCR plants saplings at NIMS

As part of the flagship program “Telanganaku Haritha Haram” to achieve the target of planting 25 lakh of saplings in Hyderabad in a single day on Monday, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao today planted saplings on the NIMS premises here. The green drive is going ahead on a fast pace with a slogan “Plant saplings, Bring Rains”.

KCR planted Neem and Kadamba saplings on the NIMS premises and poured water on them.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Minister said the program was of the people and for their better future. The plantation program will turn the city into a “Green Carpet” in the days to come and will attract rains in a big way, he hoped. The people should not think that the Haritha Haram program is of the government, the Chief Minister said and exhorted the people to think the green drive as their home affair and come forward to plant saplings on their own premises.

“Besides planting lakhs of the saplings, we must join hands to protect them for better future of our State and posterity”, he noted. The two-week long massive afforestation drive will certainly increase the green cover up to 33 per cent from the 24 per cent as was being conceived by the State government, he said. “Over the next four years, our forest cover will reach the target with active participation of all departments, officials, people, NGOs, private institutions, organizations, companies and traders by planting saplings at their offices and houses.

Health Minister Dr C Lakshma Reddy and officials were present. (NSS)