Hyderabad: Govt teacher caught red-handed with another teacher’s wife

Hyderabad: Police arrested a government school teacher in the act of sexual encounter with the wife of another government teacher.

According to Deccan Chronicle, Police arrested the suspect, Chandu Nayak, 40, when it received a complaint from the woman’s husband on Thursday.

Chandu Nayak was working as a teacher at a government school in Uppanutala village, Nagarkurnool district. He was indulged in extra marital affair since two years with the woman who is also a teacher.

Woman’s husband Bhanu Chander caught both of them two years ago and taken the issue to the elders, but the duo asked for an excuse and the issue got settled. Later, they started continuing the same and get caught red handed by the husband. The issue went to the local police, the duo get counseling and were let go.

Later Bhanu Chander shifted his family, wife and two kids to Hyderabad. But recently the affair started again, when Bhanu went out Chandu Nayak entered into the house on Wednesday.

He found his wife and Chandu Nayak inside the house when he reaches back to home. He lodges a complaint to the police by locking up the duo inside the house. Chandu Nayak booked for adultery and trespassing and arrested based on the complaint of Bhanu Chander.