Hyderabad girl turns her passion into profession

Hyderabad: A 26-year-old Hyderabad girl turned her passion for painting into a profession by custom designing motorcycles.

Singajogi Satyaveni, had a passion for painting since her childhood and wanted to amalgamate her passion and profession into one that ended up with women-centeric customs. Satyaveni’s sister Sangeeta who is a VFX designer and Animator plays an instrumental role in her creative professional journey.

Speaking with ANI Satyaveni said, “My sister Sangeeta and I started modifying bikes. We get orders from different states. We paint on motorcycles, helmets, T-shirts and anything which is boring. My sister and I want to mix travel and painting together. While travelling we want to paint the location wherever we are going, instead of taking pictures.”

“My sister who is a VFX designer, designed my motorcycle tank portraying my story in two parts — present and past. It was an experimental piece. We both painted on it. We posted its picture on social media and it got viral. After so much appreciation, I started this as my profession.” she added.

Satyaveni said her parents are her inspirations for painting as she was grown up watching them doing sketches and drawing.

Explaining her journey, Satyaveni said, “I was a national-level long tennis player. I met a major accident while going to a tournament. I broke my leg while riding a bike. I went into depression and started blaming motorcycles for it. Then my mother suggested me to face the object and get out of fear and depression. She gifted me a bike. Then I started driving to overcome my obstacles.”

Satyaveni also runs an NGO where she trains women in self-defence and riding bikes to make them independent. She said her NGO has trained around 180 women of different ages.