Hyderabad girl narrates torture her mother is facing in Oman, MBT leader helps her

Hyderabad: A girl wrote a letter to Ms. Sushma Swaraj, Union Minister of External Affairs to save her mother who is working in Muscat. The girl is a resident of Gruhakalpa Suraram Jeedimetla.

In her letter, she wrote that her father had met with a road accident in June 2017 in which he was seriously injured. Her family got entangled in financial difficulties. Her mother contacted a local agent, Srinivas for getting a job abroad. He recruited her as saleswoman for a salary of Rs. 15000 and sent her to Dubai on 11th October 2017 where she worked at Al-Nisa Labour Recruitment Office for a month. Later, she was shifted to Muscat to work in a hotel.

The hotel management got her dressed as a dancer and forced her to dance. When she raised objections, she was assaulted. Vexed with the physical assault, she went to local church to take shelter. She had injuries on her body. Afterwards, she contacted Indian Embassy office on 4th January 2018. It was known that she was shifted to Dubai from Muscat. Her whereabouts are not yet known. After a few days, she telephoned her house and gave the details.

Shravanti informed that she contacted local agent Srinivas to help her mother but he did not respond. She also said that her father’s health is deteriorating.

Her mother was weeping when she contacted her last week. Sharavanti sent a letter to Ms. Sushma Swaraj through Mr. Amjadullah Khan Khalid, MBT leader. In her letter, she requested the Minister for help.