Hyderabad gets hit by another strike of heavy rainfall

Hyderabad: Heavy rainfall on Sunday afternoon lashed Hyderabad again. The weather condition of the city since the last fifteen days is taking strange turns, with heavy to very heavy rainfall within a gap 24 hours.

The roads across the city get flooded, water enters the low lying areas, hindering the normalcy in the city.

As per Telangana Today, the Disaster Management Cell of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) is studying the weather patterns of Hyderabad since October 1. GHMC observed ‘drastic’ weather change after 12 noon every day. The water laden clouds start forming within a radius of 50 km till the stretch of the outskirts.

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The observation record also showed the rains occurring between noon to midnight, in most cases, it is after 4 pm every day. These rainfalls usually have a duration of 30-90 minutes, reveals the study.

The Disaster Management Cell also noted that there is no clue of ‘where will the cloud movement take place’, as it is not easy to track such direction.