Hyderabad: Gandhi Hospital junior doctors call for strike

Hyderabad: The Telangana Junior Doctors Association (TJUDA) at Gandhi Medical College and Hospital, Secunderabad called for a strike and unanimously decided to boycott their duties from Wednesday.

They said that their plea to resume Non-Covid services at the state-run teaching hospital was left unattended after several representations to the concerned authorities. 

“Despite multiple representations to the concerned authorities regarding resuming of non-covid service at the state-run teaching hospital, there is no change in the situation of residents at Gandhi hospital. We have decided to unanimously boycott our duties and call for a strike in this regard,” read a statement from TJUDA. 

According to the statement, resuming the non-covid services in the super speciality hospital would help patients suffering from ailments other than Covid-19 and would also do justice to academic of postgraduate students who have suffered for the last seven months due to the pandemic.

“Moreover, a huge workforce of a teaching facility, over 600 resident doctors, 350 interns, 600 nurses and 600 patients are currently admitted for covid care at Gandhi Hospital. And given the same, Telangana Institute of Medical Sciences (TIMS) can be the new Nodal centre for the management of COVID-19 cases, if any,” the statement read. 

TJUDA said that the medical duties should be resumed with immediate effect if non-covid service is resumed at Gandhi Hospital.