Hyderabad: Furniture, electronic items gutted in fire, Quran, prayer-mat unhurt

Hyderabad: Massive fire broke out in an apartment at Humayun Nagar, in which furniture and electronic items worth lakhs of rupees were gutted. However a copy of the Holy Quran, Jaenamaz (prayer mat) and tughra of Ayatul Kursi are said to remain unhurt.

Fire broke out at flat no 106, of Osman Plaza, Humayun Nagar, located at Engineers Export Office on Monday morning at 11:30 am. Fire engines belonging to various fire stations were called. It took 3 hours for them to put off the fire.

Major tragedy was averted, thanks to the brave act of Constable Bheem Rao, attached to the Humayun Nagar police station, who was present nearby as part of Chief Minister’s bandobast, who jumped into action.

He rushed to the spot before the fire tenders could arrive and sent the inmates to the ground floor and shifted the gas cylinder from inside the apartment. He helped over 50 people trapped inside the building, including women, children and elderly persons, safely come down to the ground floor.

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