Hyderabad: Fraudsters offering loans with deceiving techniques

Hyderabad: With their extremely mouth watering low rates, fraudsters in Hyderabad are offering loans in a guise of talented bankers. They cheat the innocent people, never send emails and speak in Hindi or English. They are professionals in their evil scheme and can’t be easily recognised by the people who don’t know much about the execution of a loan allotment.

As per a report by DC, Cyber Crime Police officials say that they choose the profile of victims carefully and illegally obtain the contact information of theirs targets. They call the victim and offer a huge discounted loan, they ask them to pay several small amounts of money totalling to a large sum, towards various charges.

“They were trained to tell cock and bull stories in a very convincing way. They offer very less interest compared to the market rate and offer them huge loans”, says Cyber Crime Inspector P. Ravi Kiran, who had interrogated the arrested suspects multiple times during the probe. The goons are trained to even deceive the educated ones, with several years of experience in call centre, he adds.

They make bank defaulters their target who can’t be given any loans from their banks.
Some of these cyber criminals call up the victims who had purchased books, clothes or any other goods from online stores and tell them that they have won a prize or a lottery of a huge sum after their purchase from the specific site.

In order to convince the victims, they call them up multiple times pretending to be different officials from the same firm. Once the victim is convinced, they ask them to pay registration charges, tax, processing fee etc by stealing the information from the firms illegally, said an official from Cyberabad Cyber Crime Police.