Hyderabad: Former Amazon employees arrested for cheating firm

Hyderabad: Two residents of Sainikpuri and former Amazon employees have been arrested by the Cyberabad Police for cheating the giant online e-commerce and causing a loss of 12.55 lakhs to the company.

According to the police, the suspects, Simson Gunashekhar and John Arul Prakash, both faked as customers and planned to misuse the ‘return order’ service provided by Amazon.

Cyber Cell Inspector, P Ravinder Reddy speaking on the arrests have told the sources that these two suspects in their mid 30’s cheated the firm faking as customers. He said through the “return order” facility provided by Amazon, customers could replace the product if it was found damaged or missing from the parcel box and these suspects misused this service.

He added, “It allows buyers and sellers to register on www.amazon.in and purchase and sell items in different categories. Enquiries by ‘Transaction Risk Management Team’ it was learned that large-scale fraud was going on causing huge losses to the company.”

The two suspects Gunasekhar and Prakash worked as customer service assistants at Amazon but then planned on cheating the company with fake replacement orders through fake accounts using the details of their friends and relatives.

“Most of the complaints were about products missing from the parcel box. The products that were sent for the second time were sold at OLX for 20-30 percent less price on the actual rate,” he said.

These two suspects were produced before the court and were later remanded to judicial custody reports Telangana Today.