Hyderabad: First wife walks into second marriage ceremony of her husband, creates panic

Hyderabad: A marriage ceremony in the Old City of Hyderabad was disturbed when the first wife created panic. The invitees indulged in manhandling which continued for 6 hours. Seeing the panic scenes, the bridegroom escaped from the function hall. Police reached the spot but no case was booked.

According to the details furnished by the police, husband, Munawar Ali Baig gave a statement that he had already divorced his first wife. She was staying with her two children in her parents’ house. However, the first wife claimed that her ex-husband was not giving maintenance allowance. Police called the bridegroom to Santosh Nagar Police Station at 4 a.m. and left him after questioning.

According to the later reports, a compromise has been arrived at between Munwar Ali Baig and his first wife.

–Siasat News