Hyderabad: Firecrackers injure eyes of eight persons

Hyderabad: On the occasion of Deepavali, the eye sights of 8 persons got affected due to the careless bursting of firecrackers. They were brought to Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital for treatment.

In one of the incidents, the eye of an Engineering College student was seriously damaged. Meanwhile, in different incidents, six children in various parts of the city got their eye sights affected.

A girl student of Guru Nanak Engineering College located at Ibrahimpatnam lost her eyesight completely.

Asst. Surgeon of Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital, Dr. V. Padmavati told the media persons that those who were careless while bursting the crackers got their eyes affected.

Talking about the treatment provided to the affected persons, she said that medical aid was provided to them immediately and those who whose eyes were seriously injured were admitted to the hospital.

–Siasat News