Hyderabad: Tiff over dumping garbage leads to murder

In a bizarre incident a tiff over dumping garbage in front of a house resulted in the murder of a lorry mechanic at Achi Reddy Nagar, Falaknuma on Sunday, Dec 6.

26-year-old Afroz Bin Ahmed was stabbed in front of his wife and children, when the former tried to stop his neighbor Firoz Ahmed from dumping garbage in front of his house.

According to a police inspector, Afroz who live on the ground floor, while Firoz and his family lived on the first floor of the same building. Firoz’s family often throw their garbage down from the first floor, which used to fell right in front of Afroze house, leading to the the frequent quarrels between them.

“On Sunday afternoon, Firoz’s wife did it again resulting in a heated argument between the wives of the accused and the victim. Afroz also joined the quarrel. Firoz, who was sleeping at that time, got up hearing his wife’s complaint and went down carrying a sharp object. He attacked the victim who collapsed in few seconds,” said the police official.

The victim received serious injury in his abdomen and when he was rushed to a nearby hospital, he was declared brought dead. Police filed a murder case against Firoz who currently is absconding.