Hyderabad: Feroz Khan promises to eradicate poverty and economic backwardness

Hyderabad: Congress candidate for Hyderabad Parliamentary Constituency, Mr Feroz Khan made a promise that he would work for the eradication of poverty and economic backwardness of the people of this constituency.

A meeting of the women Congress workers was held in the old city after a gap of 25 years. Hundreds of woman workers of Congress said that the message of Mr Rahul Gandhi for providing 22 lakh jobs would be communicated to all the people.

Addressing the meeting, Mr Feroz Khan stressed the need for women to apprise the Congress election manifesto to all the people.

He pointed out PM, Finance Minister and even Hyderabad MP are criticizing Congress manifesto. He advised them to provide an opportunity for Congress to transform this promise into action instead of levelling criticisms.

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He said that the women of the old city of Hyderabad can’t develop themselves unless they get themselves educated.
He pointed out that the scheme of providing financial assistance to the poor to the extent of Rs. 72,000 per year has been prepared to take into consideration the poverty of the people.

He appealed to the people to vote in favour of Congress.

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