Hyderabad: Fearing dejection, couple commits suicide

Medak: Fearing opposition and dejection from families, a couple in love took an extreme step to end their lives by hanging themselves from a tree in the forest area.

The incident is reported from the forest area close to Jhansi Lingapur in Ramayampet Mandal that occurred on Sunday, TT reports.

The victims identified as Nalla Balesh (21), and Mohammad Farwina (19) took the extreme step after leaving their respective homes on Saturday evening.

It was when the villagers were searching for them, they found them hanging from a tree in the forest area

According to Mahendar Sub-Inspector of Police, Farwina used to work at a tailoring unit while Balesh, son of Narasimhulu and a resident of Jhansi Lingapur used to work in a general store in the same village.

It was after the boy’s family who learnt about the affair, the couple ended their life by committing suicide.

A case had been registered and inquiry was on.