Hyderabad: FB prank trigger clashes between two families, case booked

A Facebook prank involving two minor students resulted in a clash between two families in Film Nagar area and ended with each family registering a cases with the police.

It began when a class eight boy(15) opened a Facebook account in the name of a girl, Saamiya Naaz and got in touch, with a class ten boy (17), living in the same locality. Assuming Saamia as a girl, the 17-year-old class X student began an intimate chat on Facebook.

Soon the casual chatting on Facebook grew into friendship and friendship gave the hope of something more, the prank boy let slip these words…“I love your sister” and wants to meet her.

The class tenth boy got angry after Saamiya Naaz descended him not as the promising girl on Facebook but as a male relative from the same colony. The class X student then laid a trap and invited the miscreant to meet his sister on 11th of December.

On the promised day, the class 8 student reached the spot specified by the latter. Instead of finding the latter’s sister, he found the student himself. Both the students soon entered into a heated argument.

Knowing the entire episode the families of the students too got in argument. On the same night, family members of the class 8 student, Ejaz, Parvez, Sk Jishan, Sk Tahir, Nikhat, Arifa and Jeenat went to his rival’s house and assaulted the family members. The victim’s family approached the police and complained about the prank and the property damage.

Interestingly the other party also complained to the police that they were attacked by the other party. Subsequently, both the families lodged complaints against each other. Banjara Hills police registered assault cases against both the groups. However no arrests were made by police.