Hyderabad: Evil of Gang culture and Groupism among youths on the increase

Hyderabad: Despite friendly policing and counseling, the trend of violent activities are increasing in the streets of Old City. The association of the youths with human rights and welfare organizations is decreasing. They feel the pride to associate themselves with violent organizations. Now the trend is that the names of rowdysheeters have been changed. They are now being called “Pahelwans” whereas this name was reserved for wrestlers earlier. The murder incidents which occurred in First Lancers, Habeeb Nagar and Humayun Nagar areas show that Muslim gangs are on the increase.

In Habeeb Nagar Police Station area, two groups came in conflict with each other on a trivial issue of threatening a minor which took a serious turn. Habeeb Nagar Police inspector, Mr. Madhukar Swami says that police will not tolerate such incidents.

In Humayun Nagar area, in this case, the earrings of the beloved were strangled in the neck and as a result of which two groups attacked each other.

All these incidents depict that Muslim youths are wasting their might in trivial issues thereby tarnishing the image of their parents.

–Siasat News