Drunk driving among Hyderabadi women on rise

The menace of drunken driving seems to be on the rise in the city, with a new survey revealing that the number of drunk drivers specially women are on the rise.

Analysis of the data related to woman drunk driving offenders indicates, most of the women offenders are educated and working professionals, and all of them belongs to upper middle class or rich backgrounds. The list of women booked for drunken driving comprises doctors, software engineers, businesswomen and even housewives.

Till September-end this year, 22 women were booked for drunk driving, while the number of women caught by traffic cops in 2014 for driving in an inebriated condition was 17.

The report emphasized the numbers still don’t give the real picture, as often drunk driving cases are not recorded and go unreported. A total of 11,384 people have been booked so far this year for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Till September 31, traffic police booked 11,384 drunken driving cases and 1,748 offenders were given imprisonment. But so far, none of the women offenders have been given imprisonment.

As per the traffic police, the youngest woman offender is a 21-year-old BPO employee and the oldest offender is a 35-year-old housewife from Punjagutta.

Police book drivers under section 185 of the MV Act for drunken driving if the BAC is more than 30 mg per 100 ml.

Recently, Jubilee Hills traffic cops booked a 28-year-old management post-graduate working as a talent acquisition member at a private firm in the city for drunk driving, when subjected to the breathalyzer test, her Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) touched 131 mg/100 ml.