Hyderabad: Drug research to be conducted on Diabetics this Ramadan

Hyderabad: The month of Ramadan is around the corner and physicians in Hyderabad are keen to take permission, to conduct a research on diabetics. In order to enroll for this research, doctors have to first register with the CTRI (The Clinical Trials Registry-India). The focal point of this trial will be the patients who are taking insulin in order to combat diabetes.
According to Times of India, Ramadan has always been a centre of attraction for these researchers, as there are ample opportunities for them to learn. Also, they want to check the effect of the drugs on fasting people, especially those who are fighting with hypertension. On the other hand, the pharmaceutical companies have joined this campaign so that, they can gauge the efficiency of the drugs, they manufacture. Furthermore, Hyderabad is densely populated with Muslims, which is an additional advantage to them.
A pharma company will be sponsoring this research by providing drug Lyxumia (Lixisenatics) and Sulfonylurea as add-on treatment to basal insulin for randomized groups of people with Type 2 diabetes mellitus, who opt to fast.
While this kind of research had taken place in the earlier years also, but the drugs chosen were Sitagliptin with Sulfonylurea treatment. Both men and women will be included between the age group of 18-99 years. As far as this year’s trial is concerned, 10-20 microgram of Lixisentide will be given through a subcutaneous injection for 12 to 20 weeks as a part of the research program. Drug prescribed will be Sulfonylurea under commercially available formulation, which is an oral doze for 12-20 weeks, according to the CTRI data.