Hyderabad : Drug parties under special watch

Hyderabad: Some parties in the city and on its outskirts, known among drug peddlers and their clients as ‘psychedelic parties’ are turning out to be networking hubs for drug peddlers and for drug deals. The Number of Drug Peddlers and drug addictors in the drug parties under special watch. Police believe these parties are being organised in the guise of business meets or other gatherings, on the lines of similar ones held in Goa and Mumbai.

Task official said that “Recently we busted a drug peddling gang in the city. Interrogation revealed that they had procured drugs from Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu and sold the same to customers in Hyderabad. A variety of drugs is supplied at these parties including Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), Ecstasy, heroin, cocaine and cannabis.”

According to Telangana Today, These parties are organised in private places, star hotels and resorts where 500 persons from across the country attending these parties.

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Police confirms that “People who attending these parties are mostly drug peddlers and drug addicts. Drug peddlers use the opportunity to sell drugs and make new customers, while some others use it to buy drugs from sources so as to further sell it to their customers in other places.”

“During their meeting, they exchange their contact numbers. After the party is over, they contact each other and work on consignments in future. Many see this as an opportunity to build their business network,” police said. The police are now planning to keep an eye out for such parties.

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“We will have to track them. Information about such parties comes to light only when they have been busted. As of now, we have no details of who organises these parties or what their mode of communication to other members is,” a Task Force official said.