Hyderabad: Driving with earphones on may land you in jail, 6 violators imprisoned

Hyderabad: Do you have a habit of driving with earphones on? If so, abandon it now as Hyderabad Traffic Police started booking traffic violators.

According to the report published in DC, police started booking persons who use earphone while driving vehicle.

Such persons can be booked under Section 184 of Motor Vehicles Act. Police is also detaining the vehicles of violators. To get back the vehicle, persons need to undergo counseling apart from completing jail term.

Earlier, police used to impose fines in such cases.

It may be mentioned that around 192 cases are booked in February. Six traffic violators also landed in the jail.

It may be noted that using headphone while driving diverts the attention of the driver and can also lead to an accident.

Police will also take action against persons using cellphones while driving.

Pedestrians using earphone should also be made illegal, police said.

Headphone not only distracts drivers of the vehicles but also pedestrians. Use of headphone on road increases chances of road accidents.