Hyderabad: Double PG teachers turn labourers amid pandemic

HYDERABAD: A double post-graduate teacher for 12 years in private institutions and his wife turn into labourers in Hyderabad, The Times of India has reported.

Chiranjeevi K, who, holds three degrees – MA in social work, an MPhil in rural development and B.Ed and his wife Padma, who is also a teacher in a private school have been working as a daily-wage labourer in Yadadri-Bhuvanagiri district for the past week. 

“The 200-300 rupees we make will at least help us buy vegetables for the family,” says Chiranjeevi.  

The couple are a family of six – two children and parents.

Before lockdown due to cornavirus, the family’s collective income was Rs 60,000. Now, its zero.

Chiranjeevi is not alone.

With the lockdown forcing schools to remain shut, hundreds of primary and high school teachers in private school, junior college lecturers, degree and professional colleges in both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have been forced to turn into manual labourers.

A few of the highly qualified teacher-turned into fruits and vegetables vendors but are too embarrassed to discuss their financial condition.

“Until now, we have seen farmer suicides. At this rate, teachers will be next,” Chiranjeevi told the newspaper.