Hyderabad doctor provides free treatment to differently-abled people

Hyderabad: Inspired by the work of Former President of India late APJ Abdul Kalam, this Hyderabad-based doctor provides free treatment to the needy differently-abled people.

Dr Vijay Bhaskar, a Hyderabad-based professional orthopedic surgeon, has been serving the differently-abled people since 1997 who are in need of treatment, by providing them free treatment and medication under his ‘Disabled Foundation Trust’.

Speaking to ANI, Dr Vijay said he established this Disabled Foundation Trust in 1997 with an aim to help the disabled.

“While I was working at Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS) in Hyderabad, the late APJ Abdul Kalam once visited the NIMS and from his words to help the needy and differently-abled people. I have drawn my inspiration from him and started working for differently-abled people. Dr Kalam enlightened us with the problems that differently-abled people face and explained about the fabrication of artificial limbs,” he said.

Since the inception of the foundation, Dr Bhaskar has been able to conduct over 7.5 lakh disability screening camps in various districts.

He further said that he was able to conduct 18,282 surgeries for the differently-abled people free of cost and also provided them with required medical treatment, physiotherapy for six months from surgery and further helps them with walking aids, wheelchairs and tricycles.

Further, Dr Bhaskar mentioned that he is tied up with various foundations and government organisations that help in identifying the disabled person in need of treatment and further post-treatment.

“With help of Hyderabad City Police and GHMC we identify differently-abled people who are in need of treatment and further to help the homeless,” said Dr Bhaskar. The treated people are also being provided with jobs, he added. With this Disabled Foundation Trust, Dr Bhaskar aims to provide a second life to disabled people and thus building up their confidence levels and laying the foundation for a new life.