Hyderabad: Dengue, Swine flu, Diarrhea cases increase – Here’s the list of precautions

Hyderabad: The cases of Dengue, Swine flu and Diarrhea are on the increase in Hyderabad City. Many patients suffering from these diseases are being admitted in various hospitals.

Reasons for the increase in such cases:

Doctors say that the situation is getting worse since citizens are not paying attention toward cleanliness despite several appeals. The increasing number of mosquitoes in the city has made the lives miserable. The instances of defecation in open nalas of the city are the causes of these diseases. The negligence of GHMC in disposing of garbage has also increased the difficulties.

Efforts of GHMC to control the situation

GHMC has been organizing various awareness programs. Many citizens say that in addition to these programs, it is advisable to ensure cleanliness in open nalas, GHMC officials say that an attempt is being made by sprinkling pesticide in densely populated areas.

Here is the list of precautions

  1. Cover water containers to avoid mosquito breeding
  2. Clean stagnant water around you.
  3. Apply natural mosquito repellants if needed.
  4. Use mosquito mesh during the night.
  5. Try to wear light coloured clothes.


–Siasat News