Hyderabad: Dengue mosquitoes on the increase – Know symptoms of the disease

Hyderabad: Due to the increase in the number of Malaria and Dengue mosquitoes, the patients are also increasing in Gandhi Hospital. People from Mahboob Nagar, Ranga Reddy, Medak and other districts are also coming to Gandhi Hospital.

On examination, 92 persons were found to be suffering from Dengue Fever. This is due to the stagnation of rainwater.

The officials of Health Dept. should create awareness for cleanliness among the citizens.

This disease will show its effect from June to October. It is, therefore, essential for the people to approach hospitals if they find the symptoms of the disease.

In Dengue Fever, after mosquitoes bite, the virus enters into the human body. Its symptoms could be seen after 4-6 days. The patient feels a headache, joint pains, vomiting and does not feel hunger.

Care should be taken if the fever gets reduced. On testing for NS-I, it could be known whether it is Dengue Fever or not.

It may be mentioned that Dengue mosquitoes bite only during daytime. The patient does not feel bite immediately. These mosquitoes are mostly found in drinking water. They cannot travel for more than 100 meters. If an area is affected, it should immediately be cleaned.

These mosquitoes can be identified when their feathers are black and big. They are also called tiger mosquitoes.

–Siasat News