11TH February 2018 held at Salar-e-Millat Auditorium, Owaisi Hospital and Research Centre, Kanchanbagh, Hyderabad.

Hyderabad-Our country is passing through a very critical phase. Its democratic values are being systematically eroded. Minorities, especially Muslims and other backward sections, are being subjected to a spate of atrocities. Attempts are also being made to outlaw, alter or change certain aspects of the Islamic Sharia. Under these circumstances, Muslims for sure are feeling insecure. There is no doubt that the present day conditions in the country are a matter of grave concern to the Muslims. But, even in these critical times, there is no need for the Muslims to feel dejected or disappointed or lose faith in their strength. Conscientious communities and nations are subjected to trials and terbulations and they face the situation with determination and courage strength and strategy.

Under these trying times, instead of feeling despondent or helpless, the Muslims should repose their faith in Almighty Allah with all confidence and trust and act according to the Islamic Shariah. The master key to their success and prosperity is total faith, patience and good deeds, Allah bestows His help and success on Muslims on their good actions and deeds. If Muslims subject themselves to the Will of Almighty Allah, discharge their duties responsibly, improve their manners and character, follow the pious system ordained by Islam in their lives and abide by the teachings and directions of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), a change will surely come rapidly in the current situation. The darkness and oppression will give way to eternal light and justice will prevail.

The Muslims should follow the teachings of the Holy Quran, subject themselves to the will of Allah, remain united and keep themselves away from dissensions and differences. The Holy Quran warns against dissent and disunity. It is made clear in the Quran that in the event of internal differences among Muslims, their dominance and awe will cease and they will become fodder for their enemies. The present situation in the country clearly indicates that deliberate attempts are being made to sow the seeds of dissension and discord among them by bringing to the fore such problems and issues which can create rift among various sections of the society and schools of thoughts. Under these circumstances, the Indian Muslims have the prime responsibility to eschew differences and discord and protect the Islamic Shariah so as to strengthen unity among themselves.

Under these prevailing circumstances in the country, It has become absolutely necessary for us to remove misconceptions and misunderstanding about Islam and believers and no stone shall remain unturned to stop projection of wrong picture of Islam and those people, who knowingly or unknowingly use foul language in their discourse, should be brought closer to the realities. We need large number of knowledgeable and considerate Muslims to propagate the Shariah laws in the correct perspective and respond to hate with affection and this should not be for any worldly consideration. With all our might and continuous effort, Quranic teachings and the diktats of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), we should use all media to make common this light of reform. Any attack on Shariah law should be dealt with having full confidence in faith using good strategies with a balanced approach.

The beauties of Shariah law should be explained for the welfare of the mankind for their good and not having any revengeful approach. This will bring the non-Muslims closer to the Muslims and a sense of love and affection for each other would prevail. That is the only way that all the oppressed in our beautiful country and minorities will come closer for helping each other to create confidence and good environment which ultimately would help us to build the nation.

All India Muslim Personal Law Board is a united platform of all the Muslims, which has been created for the protection of Shariah laws and to bring unity among the Muslims. With the grace of Almighty Allah, we humbly state that we are successful in our endeavour. The Board will continue to strive for this noble cause. Unity among the Muslims is the best shield which should be protected at all costs. The Board is fully aware of the attempts of the present-day government and some individuals with their vested interests to break this unity to the detriment of the entire community. It shall be our endeavour not to allow these unscrupulous deeds of some vested interests to destroy this unity. This is the need of the hour for the Muslims to close ranks to have utmost confidence in the Board and all the unanimous decisions of the Board should be graciously accepted with open heart and each one of the Muslims should be ready for greater sacrifice for our endeavour.