Hyderabad: Dance with lethal weapons near Ganesh Mandap creates panic, police to investigate

Hyderabad: Dancing with a lethal weapon near Ganesh Mandap caused tension in Lakshmi Reddy Colony of Uppal area. This incident came to notice of the Commissioner of Police, Rachakonda late.

The sorrowful thing is that the local police had shut its eyes. They woke up when they were ordered to probe in the matter by the commissioner of police.

According to the details, near the Ganesh Mandap, a birthday party was organized. Some people who were armed with lethal weapons started dancing. This created panic among the local people. The local residents sent the photographs of the dance with lethal weapons to Commissioner of Police, Rachakonda. It remains to be seen what action Mr. Mahesh Muralidhar Bhagwat who is the champion of discipline and friendly policing would take in this case.

–Siasat News