Hyderabad: Couple attacked at Saidabad; case took new turn

Hyderabad: A new turn in the attack case on an elderly couple in Saidabad on Wednesday. Earlier it was alleged that the attack was made by the robbers.

According to the TOI reports, on Thursday, the case took a new turn during the investigation. The police developed a strong suspicion that the incident might have been ‘staged’ by the ‘attacked’ couple.

After long hours of toil by the investigators, it was found that the elderly couple were reportedly debt-ridden and it seems they have heavy pressure to repay the debt. They were, even planning to sell off the house where the incident was reported.

Later, after the examination of the crime scene and the mismatch of the couple statements triggered suspicion in the officers that the incident might have been fake.

Police seemingly came to a conclusion that there was neither an entry nor an exit of any stranger or a family member of the couple at the house on Wednesday.

Forensic experts of the Clues team grew suspicious over the manner in which the blood spots were found on the floor.

A senior police official said that Anuradha will be questioned again after her discharge as her statement didn’t corroborate with the circumstantial evidence.

On Wednesday morning the elderly couple raised a hue and cry and claimed that two unknown men tried to rob them and when resisted, they attacked the couple with knife and pistol – TOI reports.