Hyderabad: Constable held for helping Chain-snatchers

Cyberabad Police on Friday arrested a constable for helping Chain snatcher in committing crimes. Four persons alleged to have been involved in several cases of chain-snatching. Police have recovered 10 tolas (100 grams) of gold from them.

“Two chain-snatching offenders Mohammed Ahmed and Mohammed Farooq, along with constable K Mohan who assisted them and abetted commission of five chain snatching under Cyberabad Commissionerate limits, have been arrested,” Cyberabad Police Commissioner C V Anand told reporters.

According to police Mohan, while working as a crime constable at Narayanaguda police station, developed good rapport with Farooq while he was in custody.

“After remand, the constable visited the jail for a ‘mulakath’ (meeting) with Farooq. He arranged bail expenditures and co-operated to release him on bail,” the Commissioner said.

Farooq has said that Mohan insisted him to commit theft for returning him the money which he had spent for his bail, and in return asked the cop to get his colleague Ahmed released, the top cop explained.

“As such Mohan approached Ahmed at ‘jail mulakath’ and also arranged bail for him. After getting both the offenders released on bail, the constable illegally provided them one bike which was an abandoned vehicle at Narayanaguda police station and encouraged them to commit snatchings,” Anand said.

Accordingly, the accused duo committed five chain snatchings and the stolen property was distributed between the offenders and the police constable.