Hyderabad: Cloning of credit cards results in fraud of Rs. 3.1 crore, gang arrested

Hyderabad: Mr. V.C. Sajanar, Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad in a press conference held yesterday informed that some persons were indulged in cloning of credit cards. He also told that in a raid conducted by the police, an inter-state gang of 10 persons was arrested. The members of the gang were preparing counterfeit ATM cards with original numbers in order to cheat people. In this manner, the gang took out Rs. 3.1 crore from ICICI banks in 12 states.

He further informed that police became alert after receiving a complaint from the above bank. He also said that the bank received nearly three lakh telephone calls of complaints during the past three days giving the details of fake credit cards. Suspecting it, the bank informed the police.

Mr. Sajanar further told that after busting the gang, precautionary measures have been given to the bankers since the culprits are getting the details of the cards by using interactive voice response system.

[source_without_link]Siasat News[/source_without_link]