Hyderabad city police now is at its best and assures the citizens a safe and secure living. In the same context here are a few questions that the DCP answered.

1) What are the steps that the police is taking to stop cyber crimes?

The police is not directed to the cyber cell. There is an ACP who works for the CCS cases exclusively. If there is any requirement for our department to interfere we are instantly there to help, especially in cases which pertain to other states in order to avoid any communal order and law and order.

2) How supportive has the technology been in tackling crime in Hyderabad?
The police have acquired advanced technical assistance in the recent past which has helped the police in a great way, as earlier we had to go according to what people told us, but with the advancement in the technology nobody can fool the police. The culprits cannot escape now will the innocent be punished. The CCTV footage and the call details with the help of 44 Indian evidence acts we are able to act accurately. This has brought down the crime rate in a great way. In the city if Hyderabad we have installed more than 2.25 lack cameras which have an eye on every activity in the city. One Camera is equal to 100 constables is a belief which is quite fruitful as of now.

3) Contract marriages have become serious issue in the city, what is the police doing in that context?

Actually it is nothing but tourist prostitution. And the brokers are fooling people around, and a few parents in spite of knowing the fact are being fooled. But the police have identified the entire broker’s network and have arrested 33 of them, 2 chief Qazis have been arrested one from Mumbai and the other from Hyderabad and 11 other Qazis were also arrested in the same context. Though there is problem in identifying the victim as the place where they are taken is not certain, we are doing the best at our level. This kind of cases have now completely stoped in the city.

4) There were a lot of instances where fake news regarding child theft was circulated among social media groups, how far is the police been able to stop this?

It is a very unfortunate incident that people lost their life just on the bases of some misconception. We are still unable to find out where this kind of news came from. Out on concern and love for children people tend to turn aggressive and beat up people who are suspected to be the thieves, the state and the center government together as very keen about this issue and is working towards stopping these kind fake news. Innocent people tent to turn criminals after the mob lynching so the police is taking strict action against the people who not just are spreading but also the ones who are circulating such news, be it the media or the social networks.
5) The fake baba’s have become a trend today. What are your steps in stopping this trend?

This is an unfortunate thing that in spite of knowing about the baba’s and their intentions people tend to go to them and be victims of their own belief. We have arrested more than 33 such baba’s and have kept them under surveillance.

6) Cordon and search was a really appreciated strategy by the police. What kind of response did you get from the people in this operation?

We are able to get quite good response from the people in this operation as what one SI and two constable were able to do did not make that much difference as the people are able react in a different way to them. Going in large number adds on to the pressure to people and we were able to acquire lot of information, illegal vehicles, food adulteration scams, illegal financing groups, child labor and illegal weapons have been seized from those areas which at times were a threat to people. Charge sheet has been filed in 12 cases and in 2 cases the verdict was life imprisonment. Till now 420 cases have been registered and 120 FIR’s have been filed and the count is on, it’s a continues process.

7) In a city of more than 30 lakes of population, how difficult is it to manage things?

With the help of technology, community police and stopping unnecessary wondering on the roads, and if necessary counseling them, there are a few things that make things easy and the police is happy that people have become more active and respond in a different way these days.

8) Child labor is an issue the entire world is dealing with, in what way are you handling this issue?

Child labor is really a big issue we make sure from our side that a child either should be at home with their parents or at school where they are safe. But children are still working in huge chemical sites, bangle making, and gold business. Till now we have saved more than 700 children and 49 criminal cases have been registered under non bailable sections, 12 charge sheets have been filed and the culprits have been sent on remand.

9) Old city is believed to be a place of rowdy and gunda’s was it a challenge for you to cope up with the area?

It’s only a few people who have come and spread the fact that the area is not safe or people will not be able to do business here, now everything is under control and we have arrested all the people who once said they were the dada’s of old city. We are also making efforts to turn this area into a business hub, likewise multiplex’s and shopping malls are been constructed in this area in the near feature. On one hand we are able to control crime rate, on the other hand development and education is catching up speed. So yes, we will be able to showcase Hyderabad in a changed way in near feature.
10) Have you ever faced any kind of political pressure or interference from local leaders?

We never had any kind of pressure, but the yes there are representatives of people who come to us and we have to handle them. Because they are elected by the people so we have to listen to them. As per the law if we are able to tackle things we make sure we do that. Our main agenda is to solve issues and make peaceful environment for the public. We are working towards that each day.

11) For the coming constable exams in the state of Telangana, the preparedness of the police seen and the kind of support you are giving to the youth is really great, advice you would like to give to the youth?

Youth in old city is physically fit and the media, political parties and the police department are together working towards making the youth a part of the administration and work towards development of the state. We would advice the youth to concentrate more on the career and feature than being a part of unnecessary lynching and destroy their life.