Hyderabad City Police could ask your fingerprints

Hyderabad: Hyderabad City Police will be as efficient and fast as the Scotland Yard in detecting criminals on the spot.

Inspired by the police of developed countries, Hyderabad City Police is planning to introduce Mobile Fingerprint Scanners to verify the criminal’s identity on the spot.

The current procedure followed by police is lengthy. It needs police to take the person to the Police Station, take his/her fingerprint and then will be analyzed by separate team. But with the proposed system of Mobile Fingerprint Scanners, police can take the fingerprint of the person caught during vehicle check or during raid and can find out that whether the person’s fingerprint matches with the suspect’s prints.

According to the report published in a newspaper, a senior police official said that if the purchasing and technical installments are done as per the plan, proposal will be implemented within six months.