“Hyderabad is a city of love and affection”: VP of Stratford University

Hyderabad: The people of Hyderabad are exemplary in hospitality. On account of historical buildings, Hyderabad is enumerated as one of the important cities of the world. The beauty of this city is that it has accommodated the entire India. Its hospitality is world famous. From the Academic point of view, Hyderabad has special status. These thoughts were expressed by Ms. Mary Ann Shurtz, Executive Vice President of Virginia’s famous Stratford University.

After GES meeting, she called on Siasat Urdu Daily. While talking to staff reporter of Siasat, she told that there are more than 3000 students studying in the university, out of which 500-700 are Indians including the students from Hyderabad and A.P.

When asked, Mary Ann Shurtz, VP of Stratford University, told that there is a lot of difference between the quality of teaching in US and India. In the US, students are free to choose any subject. They do not concentrate their attention on becoming doctors and engineers. They select foreign languages also as their optional subjects.

Commenting on Indian method of teaching, she said that in India, students are asked to memorize lessons whereas in the US, right from the school age, education is imparted according to their abilities so that they can decide their career.

She further told that Stratford University was established by her father-in-law. In the beginning, there were only 5 students and 5 staff members. Now, it has become a full-fledged university. In 1986, her husband, Richard Shurtz took over this university and worked hard for its development.

It may be mentioned that the university has an offshore campus in Noida, Delhi.

The courses offered are Business Administration, Computer Science, IT, Health Science etc. She further told that Trump Administration gives more importance to India. Its evidence is President Trump sent his daughter to Hyderabad.

–Siasat News