Hyderabad: Chicken prices skyrocket to almost Rs 240 per Kg

HYDERABAD: The rising temperature coupled with low production has taken a heavy toll on birds in Hyderabad markets.

Due to sultry weather conditions, lakhs of birds are dying making both broiler and country varieties expensive.

The price of chicken, which was only Rs.170 a kg two weeks ago, has soared to Rs. 240-250 per kilogram and rates may further move upwards if temperature continues to remain high.

This uncontrolled price rise is seen for the first time in recent years in Hyderabad during the Holy month of Ramzan.

Telangana State Poultry Federation (TSPF) General Secretary, K Mohan Reddy said birds can only survive in temperatures of up to 36 or 38 degrees Celsius. But temperature in various parts of the State is regularly above 40 degrees Celsius led to the death of birds, chicken prices had seen a steep hike.

While the demand is high, the dip in supply of poultry meat resulting in price rise, said sector experts.

“But this will not last long because in two weeks, the price will come down. With temperature decreasing, the birds will gain weight and the production will also increase,” said Reddy, Telangana Today reported.