Hyderabad celebrated cleanest Baqra’eid this year

Hyderabad: Come Baqra’eid, the festival of sacrifice, and one would find Hyderabad stinking and waste of sacrificial animals thrown all around. But this Baqra’eid was different to the fact that it emerged as the cleanest Baqra’eid in Hyderabad. The credit goes to a massive awareness campaign launched by religious scholars and Muslim social scientists.

This year the waste of sacrificial animals was disposed of at designated places and later scientifically shifted to centralized garbage dumping grounds of the GHMC. The idea was to keep the city clean particularly when the threat of emerging diseases and drug-resistant germs looms large.

It must be recalled that Muslim scholars and clerics had repeatedly appealed Muslims not to litter roads and street corners with the animal waste. Videos were circulated on social media emphasizing the need to keep the city clean.

Muslim scholars had quoted verses from the Holy Quran and the saying of the Prophet (pbuh) to drive home the point that cleanliness is part of the faith, in fact, half the belief. This worked well and almost everyone had ensured that the environs are kept neat and tidy.