Hyderabad: Metro CCTV catches couples indulging in ‘immoral activities’ in lift

Hyderabad: After parks, theaters and other public places, couples were found indulging in immoral activities in metro lift too.

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, these videos are making rounds on social media.

According to the report published in The Hans India, the activities of these couples were captured on the metro CCTV in lift.

After the incident, a probe is ordered.

Valentine’s Day: VHP, Bajrang Dal back in headlines

Meanwhile, the right-wing Hindu organizations Viswa Hindu Parishad and its affiliated organization Bajarang Dal have once again decided to boycott upcoming Valentine’s day celebrations in the State. The State units of both organizations have urged the people of the state to not take part in the valentine’s day celebrations while terming the valentine after whom the day is celebrated every year, was a traitor of Rome. The activists of the two organizations have alleged that some multinational companies (MNCs) were holding the celebrations to make crores of rupees of money in the name of valentine’s day celebrations. They alleged that the MNCs were misleading the youth of the state to make quick moolah through the celebrations.

The Pranth pramukh of the Bajarang Dal Subhash made it clear that they were not against love and lovers but the MNCs. He said that the people of the country should celebrate Hindu festivals like Ugadi, Dussehra and Sankranthi festivals.