Hyderabad: More cases of ‘Khula’ than ‘Talaq’ _ Commission of enquiry

It is worrisome to note that more cases of ‘Khula’ have been witnessed in the city Hyderabad than ‘Talaq’. The details regarding Talaq (divorce by husband) and Khula (divorce at the instance of wife) came to fore when the commission of enquiry formed by the government of Telangana presented a detailed report prepared by Dr. Mohammed Irfan, a research scholar. In his report he has made the shocking revelation regarding percentage of Talaq and Khula.

When the data was collected from Qaza’at it was revealed that 7 cases of Talaq were registered during January to November 2015 while 380 cases of Khula were registered during the same period. Similarly during 2014, 20 cases of Talaq were registered while 575 women sought Khula.

The report also suggested dealing with the situation as it may negatively affect educational, economic and social lives of the persons affected.

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