Hyderabad: Borrower loses memory in loan shark’s attack, family living in state of fear

Hyderabad: In an appalling incident occurred a few days ago, 40-year-old, Mohammed Nayeem was brutally attacked by money lenders from Arsh Mahal. The victim was attacked while he was returning from masjid after prayers. Nayeem’s leg was fractured and his fingers also broke in the attack. The attackers also attacked him with stones on the head resulting in a blood clot in the brain. Nayeem was rushed to Osmania General Hospital where he went into coma for three days. Although he is recovering but he has lost his memory due to brain damage.

Nayeem who is an auto driver had taken a loan of Rs 50,000 from one Shehnaz Begum and her associates in 2012. He paid the monthly interest of Rs 3,000 for two years. However since he was facing financial crunch and unable to pay the interest he requested them to waive his interest and give some time for returning the principal. This angered Shehnaz Begum who told this to her husband. They decided to extort the money from the victim and made an attack on Mohammed Nayeem.

Though Rajendranagar police booked a case under Section 324 against the culprits, they acquired bail and are roaming free now. According to Nayeem’s brother they are also threatening to seize victim’s house if he doesn’t pay Rs 1,20,000. Victim’s family is living in fear since 20 days.