Hyderabad: Blood donation at RAF-CRPF campus held

Hyderabad: A blood donation camp was conducted for RAF(Rapid Action Force) – CRPF( Central Reserve Police Force) personnel here in the city this weekend at RAF CRPF campus, Shamirpet, Secunderabad.

70(seventy) units of blood was collected. It was jointly organised by Rotary Club of Cantonment Secunderabad and Rotary Club of Hyderabad Deccan.

VJ Sundaram the commandant of 99 BN, RAF, Hakimpet, Secunderabad himself donated blood along with 69 other colleagues.

Farzana Ali president of Rotary Club of Cantonment Secunderabad and Sailesh Gumidelli president of Rotary Club of Hyderabad Deccan were also present.

Addressing the gathering VJ Sundaram said, “blood is for circulation,everybody has it and everybody can donate it. Donating blood saves a life”.

Farzan Ali and Sailesh Gumidelli observed that blood is not manufactured artificially. It is only possible for the humans to produce. Hence, humans should donate blood to save fellow humans they said.

Speaking further on the occasion, Sailesh Gumidelli informed much to the surprise of the gathering that there was a provision that central government employees get a paid leave when they donate blood. Even TATAs allow their employees a day off on the day of blood donation. And they can also avail an extra leave within 7 days of donating their blood. This is done to encourage blood donation, since not many come forward to donate blood. No one should die for want of blood.

Today peace keepers of the  nation, RAF CRPF, have gone beyond the call of their duty to donate blood and save lives.