Hyderabad: After beggars, vendors asked to shutdown ahead Ivanka’s visit

Hyderabad: After Police Commissioner issuing orders banning beggars, the small shop owners, vendors in Madhapur have been asked to shut down ahead of Ivanka’s visit for GES.
A joint inspection was conducted by GHMC officials and Police in the area and vendors running small tea stalls, food joints, pan stalls have been asked to shutdown until 30 November.
The recent directive has left these daily earners who have been doing business here for the past 5 years que-less with most of them worrying over loosing there customers.
Satish Goud, who runs food stall in the area said, “There are 21shops in this area and at least 100 people are dependant on the earnings from these stalls. Asking us to leave is like starving our families to death.”
Another vendor J Basu, who runs a tea stall fears that closure would hit his customer’s said, “Our customers will move to other shops and we won’t have enough customers when we return.”