Hyderabad based businessman who accused CBI no. 2 of bribery seeks protection

Satish Sana, a Hyderabad-based businessman who has accused CBI’s Number 2 officer Rakesh Asthana of bribery has asked for protection after being summoned by the investigation agency for questioning, according to the report published in the ndtv.

Satish Sana in his statement to the CBI has said that he paid a bribe of Rs. 2 crores to Rakesh Asthana to get away without any action in an investigation linked to meat exporter Moin Qureshi. The amount was paid over a 10-month time starting from December 2017.

Satish was once an employee of the AP Transco, later he left his job and moved to Hyderabad where he expanded his influence by starting a number of companies. He was reportedly close to many politicians. Based on his statement, the CBI had filed a First Information Report or FIR against Rakesh Asthana. Now he has asked the Supreme Court for interim security.