Hyderabad: This auto-driver’s kindness is melting hearts on Facebook

How often nowadays do people touch our lives with their simple acts of kindness and generosity? Kindness that would win over hearts, kindness that would bring a smile, kindness that would solve the little issues if not really big issues which are hard to come over on our own?

Hyderabad: A Hyderabad based Auto Rickshaw Driver has set an example in these tough times. A woman named Varijashree Venugopal on her visit to Hyderabad for a Visa Interview, fell short of Rs 3,000 and was running from one ATM to another to withdraw the required amount.

To her distress none of the ATM’s were working due to some technical issues. Seeing the woman so helplessly running around for the required money, this Auto Driver known as “Baba” came forward to her aid and gave her the remaining amount of Rs.3000 from his savings.

The woman touched by his act of kindness, has shared her experience in Hyderabad a selfie with the Driver. “God manifests in the most strangest and beautiful ways. A new life lesson learnt everyday! I am honoured to find a friend in you, Baba,” the woman wrote in gratitude , as reported by the Financial Express.