Hyderabad: Attention diversion gang leader arrested

A leader of an attention diversion gang was arrested in Shamshabad on Monday. He was accused of duping women, police said they recovered 32.5 tolas of gold ornaments from him.

The gang leader named Waseem Abbas Siraj was arrested and gold ornaments stolen from victims in six different cases was recovered. The attention diversion targeted victims in Narsingi, Mailardevpally, Rajendranagar, Pahadishareef and Shamshabad.

Earlier the police had arrested two members of the gang named Jai Kumar Rajak and Niyaz Mohammed Khan while Javeed Baali of Mumbai was still on the run.

The gang used to identify women going alone and they used to approach them and tell the victim that they want to donate money to a local temple, but the priest was not there. They would ask the victim to touch the donations with her gold ornaments so that God would bless her and her family.

According to the report published in Times of India, the gang members would then ask her to remove the victim’s mangalsutra, wrap it in a currency note and put it in the cover. The culprit would divert the attention of the victim and flee with the jewellery. They would also hand over a polythene cover with coconut and flowers.