Hyderabad: ATMs goes Cashless Again!

HYDERABAD:  The three-day holiday for banks along with the one-day strike call by bank employees’ unions made several ATM’s cashless again.

The banks remained closed on Friday on account of Shivaratri followed by the weekend holidays. Though they worked on Monday, but were unable to fill all the ATMs with the required cash.

“The guard waved me away, saying there is no money,” said P Raghava Rao, a 62-year-old retired government servant after finding five ATMs locked.

“I forgot that there were continuous holidays. When I went to withdraw cash, there was no money,” said Pragati Kumar who faced a similar situation at SBI ATM in Vidyanagar.

“It would take at least a week for the situation to return to normal as Tuesday too would see no work in banks,” said a bank official.

“After that, the salary week begins and funds will be allotted for salary and distribution of pensions. Hence, the tight situation will continue for the next one week,” said a bank manager in the city.