Hyderabad: Appa Cheruvu river bund developed cracks, residents in impending danger

Hyderabad: The crack at Appa Cheruvu river bund lead to the death of five persons last rainy season. The situation here is again turning the way it was last year. The river bund has developed cracks after the incessant rain of past four days which may pose risk to the lives of the nearby residents.

The government officials have toured the area and took stock of the situation after being alarmed by the local inhabitants.

The bund which was constructed without support has no strength to withstand the onslaught of the incessant rain. The water is overflowing which lead to potholes at the stretch of the road nearby.

The river at Gagan Pahad is spread across 40 acres and is in proximity of the National Highway 44. There are a number of colonies nearby such as Dream-India, Dream Avenue, Metro Hills, Phogat Nagar and Gagan Pahad colony. In addition to these colonies there are many sheds where people are living.

Mohammed Mehboob, a resident of Ganga Pahad says, This Bund has been washed twice during the last three months and it cannot withstand the onslaught of three hours rain.