Hyderabad airport witnesses more than 4 lakh passengers in the month of June

Hyderabad: Hyderabad International airport is fast bouncing back from the COVID-19-induced reduction in travel. The airport witnessed four lakh domestic passengers and around thirty-five thousand international travellers during the month of June.

From around ten thousand passengers on June 1, the number of passengers in a single day touched around twenty-two thousand on June 27. Passenger volume flowing through the airport doubled in a month. 

GMR Hyderabad International Airport is ensuring the safest possible environment for all its travellers.

GMR Hyderabad International Airport spokesperson said, “In these challenging times, the number of passengers crossing 4 lacs in one month reflects the confidence and trust in air travel.  As the pandemic subsides and restrictions across various destinations in the country ease, a gradual rebound in air travel has been witnessed.”

Hyderabad International Airport is now connected to 42 destinations in the domestic sector and 10 international sectors. Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Vizag are the top 5 sectors which registered largest growth in the last month. Passenger number-wise, Mumbai recorded the highest growth i.e. 84 per cent during the same period. Visiting Friends & Relatives (VFR), SME business travel have largely contributed to the increase in passenger numbers.

Redefining the customer experience, the airport has successfully converted all the elevators in the airport from traditional push-button controls to a safer touch-less alternative, heightening passenger safety. The airport has developed this ingenious solution, which is based on Infrared technology. The sensor can detect interaction from a distance of 0.1-10 cm from the button surface to enable users to make their selection with absolutely zero physical contact.

GHIAL recently introduced AI-enabled advanced Queue Management Solutions at various touchpoints of the airport such as entry, check-in, security, immigration.The innovative Queue Management Systems combines IoT security cameras and AI Video Analytics that monitors various key parameters such as peak passenger waiting time and helps in monitoring social distance.

The advanced video analytics platform analyses the video feed from various cameras and uses Deep Learning based Artificial Intelligence (AI) models to accurately estimate passenger statistics over time.

Ensuring food and retail hygiene, GHIAL has created a sanitized environment in the food courts, F&B outlets, lounges, and retail Shops to encourage social distancing and other precautions. Digital payments options that also include options of mobile wallets are enabled across all outlets. Social distance signage in the food courts for seating to ensure safety are in place.