Hyderabad airport first in India to handle Envirotainer Releye containers

Hyderabad: GMR Hyderabad Air Cargo on Thursday announced it has become the first cargo terminal in India & South Asia region to handle a shipment using the next generation Envirotainer Releye RLP air cargo containers.

Envirotainer active heating and cooling containers are one of the preferred options for movement of highly temperature-sensitive air cargo shipments globally. Pharmaceuticals and vaccines need to be protected from the vagaries of temperature excursions at all times throughout the supply chain providing an unbroken cold chain, irrespective of location, time of day or mode of handling, this is the preferred choice.

Envirotainer has introduced the RLP size for the first time in an active container in the industry. Releye RLP is the next generation temperature-controlled air cargo container introduced by Envirotainer, offering superior performance, up to 50 percent higher space efficiency, advanced live monitoring, and control features with an unparalleled ability to maintain the temperature of shipment for up to 170 hours, the highest in the world today.

GHAC team worked closely with the Envirotainer team and partner airlines to ensure that all the infrastructure, protocols and procedures were in place to induct the RLP containers which is being done for the 1st time in India at the GMR Hyderabad Air Cargo Terminal.

With Hyderabad region being home to one of the largest concentrations of COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing globally, the introduction of the Releye® RLP containers in the market will further strengthen the global supply chain for the movement of these vaccines.