Hyderabad: Actress Mumaith Khan and other film stars face probe in Drugs Case, Bigg Boss may get affected

Hyderabad: Narcotic Drugs Case is taking an important turn. SIT served notices to various film stars of Telugu film industry to appear before it from 19th to 20th July for investigation.

It may be mentioned that after the exposure of Narcotic Drugs Case by State Excise Directorate, turmoil was created in Telugu film industry. These film stars are getting ready to reply to the questions to the Enforcement Directorate.

SIT prepared a list of Telugu film stars who were in contact with the kingpin of narcotic drugs, Calvin. This list includes 12 heroes, heroines, item girls, Directors etc.

Authentic sources indicated that on 19th July, famous Director, Puri Jagannath, on 20th July heroine, Charmi, on 21st July actress, Mumaith Khan, on 22nd July, actor, Subba Raju, on 23rd July, Cameraman, Shyam K Naidu, on 24th July, famous hero, Ravi Teja, on 25th July, Art Director, Chenna, on 26th July, hero Navadeb, on 27th July, hero Tarun, on 28th July, hero Nitesh and Nandu will present themselves before SIT.

The statements of heroines and item girls will be recorded at their residences. This has not been confirmed.

Ms. Rajya Lakshmi, mother of the hero, Ravi Teja contradicted that her son is involved in using Narcotic drugs. She alleged that her son’s name is being dragged as a conspiracy. Expressing her reaction on the death of her son, Bharat in a car accident, she refuted the charge that he was drunk. In fact, a few days before his death, he had abandoned all liquors.

The daughter of famous Telugu film industry director, Puri Jagannath also strongly refuted the allegations leveled against her father and said that it is false tactics to gain cheap popularity.

It is reported that the telecasting of the reality show, Telugu “Bigg Boss” is likely to get effected since the bold actress of Telugu film industry, Mumaith Khan is reviewing the notice issued by SIT. It is reported that this notice has not yet reached her Mumbai residence.


–Siasat News