Hyderabad: 9-yr-old, Nazir operated for congenital deformity, breathes easy

Hyderabad: 9-year-old, Nazir was born with congenital deformity. Nazir is suffering from a genetic disorder called Klippel-Feil syndrome. He is the resident of Siddipet. He had respiratory problem since he was two years old. His mother Shahin consulted nearly 30 doctors but in vain.

Finally Shahin consulted Maxcure hospital in November 2016 where doctors found two swellings – one on the neck which is uncommon and the other in the chest revealed by CT and MRI scan reports. According to doctors, it is a rare deformity and was the third case reported till date.

The surgery was carried out in three phases- first was done for neck swelling on 16 November 2016. The second was done for the collection in the neck and third was done for chest swelling in December.

According to Dr. Ratnakar, Neurosurgeon at Max cure Hospital, the boy is now doing well and can lead his normal life. A team of doctors comprising of Dr. Ratnakar, Dr Kalyan, Dr Vishal V Kante and Dr Krishna Prasad performed the surgery.