Hyderabad: 80 percent schools & 70 percent hospitals lack fire NOC

Hyderabad: School and hospitals in the city do not abide by the basic mandatory fire safety measures said GHMC today.

According to estimations, nearly 90 percent schools including city’s top reputed schools, 70 percent hospitals and 80 percent buildings in the city flout these norms.

Only 800 schools out of the 5,800 schools within the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) limits have a fire no objection certificate (NOC).

And it does not end here. These schools do not even have a six-meter set back (periphery area between the building and the compound wall) that is compulsory for a no objection certificate to be issued.

Precautionary measures to avoid mishaps is completely ignored in these schools though they have fire extinguishers installed on their premises.

Well speaking of hospitals the condition is even worse as most reputed hospitals in the city have been found operating with labs, receptions and diagnostic centres in their cellars which is definitely a clear violation of norms.

GHMC has said that they will soon penalize offenders of such establishments.

“I have already written a letter to district education authorities regarding schools flouting fire safety norms. In phase one, pubs and bars which do not meet the fire safety norms will be closed. In the second phase, we will crackdown on hospitals and schools,” said Vishwajit Kampati, director of enforcement, vigilance and disaster management (GHMC).

An action is being taken against schools too he said. “We have rejected 300 applications from schools which were sent for renewal since they lacked a fire no objection certificate. Henceforth, this will be a priority for renewal of recognition,” said B Venkata Narasamma, District education officer, Hyderabad.