Hyderabad: 8 lakh bogus voters will be axed from electoral list

Hyderabad: GHMC is undertaking the Intensive Revision of Electoral Rolls (IRER) in the 15 Assembly constituencies. During the process it has detected thousands of fictitious voters. 12,000 non existing voters were deleted in the Khairiatabad constituency alone.

As reported by DC, duplicate entries were found in large numbers in constituencies like Kapra, LB Nagar, Kukatpally and Qutubullahpur.

Booth level officers are going to every household to revise the electoral rolls. The inspecting officer is physically checking if the voter is present, dead, shifted or bogus. Nearly 8 lakh bogus voters are expected to be axed from the list after the new exercise.

With the help of a software, the IRER survey is registering voters within their local booth area or the local police station limit. This will help weed out multiple voting.

While some are welcoming the move, a few elected representatives, are upset with the exercise as it will decrease their vote bank.

It is believed that the revision of the voters’ list will have an impact on the next elections. So, the results will be surprising.